Synopsis of the Film

Claire Duchesneau is a social worker at the HIV clinic of the McGill University Chest Hospital.  She is also a talented amateur singer who discovers first-hand the extraordinary benefits of singing when facing adversity and loss. Claire uses music to transcend both her own personal hardships and those of her clients, asylum seekers from war-torn areas of Africa.

Interweaving intimate sequences with her vocal coach, well-known singer Barbara Lewis, with scenes in the oncology ward of the Montreal General Hospital, in the recording studio, at the Upstairs Jazz Bar, in the HIV clinic, and at a family cottage on Lake MacDonald, the film celebrates the human voice as an expression of the life force within. For Claire’s HIV patients, survivors of genocide and rape, singing is a way for them to reclaim their silenced voices and rediscover joy.

In the vast repertoire of musical expression, the human voice is the one instument we all share. We were born to sing.

In the Key of Claire Poster